A + Math

This program is ideal for superior understanding of Math and is designed to create high achievers in Math.

  • Why only math? Math is the most confusing and time consuming subject for most students. We believe, if you conquer math, your confidence¬†¬† soars in other subjects automatically. The program is available for 2nd to 12th grade and open to students at or close to grade level only.
  • Days :¬† Monday through Thursday
  • Flexible Time: 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Small group setting (up to 5 students/group)
  • Tutoring sessions: 4 to 8 hours/ week depending on student needs.
Low fixed monthly rate: $175/month up to 7th grade @ Merced
$195/month for 8th to High School @ Merced.

The goal this program help students to reach their potential and excel in Math, far more than they had imagined. Our students work on concept building, homework, speed and accuracy and test preparation. Average elementary school student works 4 hours/week, intermediate and high school student works 4-8 hours per week depending upon student need. The magic of this program is that students get what they need and parents do not have to pay too much for it.

This program is really very cool, call and check if it works for you.